Christian Landa

Program Manager

Christian is a Program Director for Improve Your Tomorrow at Luther Burbank High School in South Sacramento. As Program Director, Christian is responsible for and representative of his site's overall achievement, including the well-being of his students, their academic goals, and college preparedness. Raised in a poverty-stricken area of the central valley, this Fresno native's path to mentoring was prompted by distinguished ancestors and powerful educators who observed his potential and acknowledged his fortitude. Christian was previously an academic tutor for the Sacramento County Office of Education, a Spanish tutor for Sacramento City College, and assisted on various bills concerning the criminal justice system while a staff member at the Anti- Recidivism Coalition on behalf of Improve Your Tomorrow University's Capitol Internship program. Christian is a member of various social justice groups throughout the greater Sacramento region and prides himself on changing the narrative of young men of color through education advocacy and leadership development. Christian received his associate's degree in English at American River College and is projected to receive an English Bachelor of Arts from Sacramento State University in 2019. 

"Si tienes un gran sueño debes estar dispuesto a un gran esfuerzo para concretarlo, porque solo lo grande alcanza lo grande." -Facundo Cabral