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More than 90% of IYT students are low income and many suffer from food insecurity. To combat chronic hunger, IYT provides snacks and meals to IYT students and the community through the entire calendar year. During the COVID 19 pandemic, IYT created a weekly hot meal program available through delivery and in person across Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties.  With each contribution of $100 you can help us feed up to three students for the year. 


The Mentor Fellowship is a yearlong workforce development program for current and college graduates. Mentors are AmeriCorps members who work as mentors, tutors and college advisors in an IYT program. More than 60% of mentor fellows are current or former IYT students.  Each mentor serves 20-25 students. In partnership with AmeriCorps and SMUD, for $1,000 we are able to cover to yearly stiped of one mentor. 


IYT students are not only often the first in their family to go to college, but most suffer financial hardships once enrolled in school. In 2015 we created the college emergency grant to ensure that when financial emergencies arise, IYT can assist and ensure the young person stays in school. All college students in good standing can access up to $500 per year in emergency grant funding. The money can be used to support cost associated with college including rent, food, tuition, books, transportation, etc.


The COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted a large technological divide between low income students and their peers. The funds raised from the campaign will help to purchase laptops, hotspots or other technology needed to support IYT students and mentors.

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Our Leadership Council members are our most engaged champions and advocates. Your contributions provide the resources IYT relies on to support our mentorship programs, college tours, food access, emergency grants, and technology initiatives.

As part of IYT’s Leadership Council you receive special recognition, enjoy exclusive opportunities, and invitations to special events, bringing you closer to the heart of our organization. Join the Leadership Council today and expand learning opportunities and inspire dreams for our young men of color.