Everyday, IYT welcomes hundreds of students into our classroom for mentorship, college advising, study halls, and warm meals, among other things. Often, the meal students receive in our classroom is their last meal of the day. With your help, IYT has been able to sustain our students’ hope of pursuing a college education.


THE COVID-19 pandemic has forced students out of safe spaces, like ours, where they can eat a warm meal, receive the assistance they need, and heal the wounds of their past.


That is why we need your help.


IYT is launching the Hope for Tomorrow Fund to respond to the immediate needs of students and families. With your help IYT will be able to distribute food, provide college emergency grants, family emergency grants, computer access, and continue a virtual mentorship program.


With your contribution, we can ensure each young man is fed, has a home to sleep in, and has the necessary tools to succeed in school. Will you support us by becoming a donor of hope?


Each dollar you contribute will help uplift our community’s next generation of leaders.