The Continue to Dream Academy is a program of IYT that serves students at alternative and continuation high schools who are academically underperforming and socially at-risk. The program is currently at Discovery High School in the Natomas Unified School District. 


The Continue to Dream Academy takes a holistic approach to meeting the complex and evolving needs that students face.

  1. Academic Remediation

  2. College Affairs & Workforce Skills Development  

  3. Psychological and Social-Emotional Development.

  4. Life Skills

  5. Mentorship


The primary outcomes of College Academy includes Improved high school graduation requirement course completion rates, increased rate of young men of color applying and enrolling in colleges and reduced socially delinquent or risky behaviors and incidents that led to suspension, defiance, or expulsion.

On Campus

IYT operates both during the school day and after school. We have a physical space at each
campus where the program is housed. As a member of IYT, students are required to attend
weekly workshops and mentorship sessions.