Keylen Newsome

Program Manager

Keylen Newsome is a Program Director who works with Improve Your Tomorrow, Inc. to increase the number of young men of color to attend and graduate from colleges and universities. Keylen serves as the Program Director of Jackman Middle School where he has developed and lead strategies for developing middle school students across all Improve Your Tomorrow (IYT) sites. Keylen is a firm believer in serving his community and improving the outcomes for marginalized communities. He has worked developing curriculum and procedures for the facilitation of the IYT College Academy services. A true ambassador of the organization, Keylen has assisted in the acquisition of new sites and community partnerships for IYT. For his efforts in his diligent work with IYT, Keylen was awarded the Western Association of Student Employment Administration (WASEA) Student Employee of the Year Award for the state of California. Keylen is actively pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Sacramento State University. Keylen, a South Sacramento native, currently resides in Elk Grove, California.