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"This work is important to me because it aligns with my passion for education, mentorship, and social impact. With a diverse background in human resources, business studies, health and safety, public health, and various educational roles, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by young men of color in their pursuit of academic and professional success. I believe that my experience and skills can contribute to the mission of Improve Your Tomorrow, Inc., by increasing the number of young men of color attending and graduating from colleges and universities. Furthermore, my previous work experiences have provided me with the opportunity to develop strong planning, organization, communication, and leadership skills, which are essential for a Program Manager role. I have also demonstrated a strong commitment to cultural awareness and competency, which will be invaluable when working with diverse student populations. In addition to my professional qualifications, my personal values and strengths align with the goals of the organization. I am results-oriented, collaborative, and have the courage to embrace new challenges. I am committed to making a difference in the lives of young men of color by supporting their academic and personal growth, and fostering a positive learning environment that encourages them to reach their full potential. Overall, working as a Program Manager at Improve Your Tomorrow, Inc. will allow me to leverage my experience, skills, and passion for education to create a meaningful impact on the lives of young men of color and contribute to the organization's mission of increasing college access and completion rates."

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