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"My name is Daiveon Perry and I am a program manager for Will Rogers Middle and Winston Churchill middle school. I have been a part of IYT as a brother, mentor and now manager for about 5 years. Growing up, I never had a lot of stability due to always moving around all of Sacramento but as well as an inconsistent parent household. My dad was never really present and my mom had left me in the care of other people from time to time until she eventually left. I never had any mentorship or no one pushing me until I moved in with my stepfather. He was there when no one else was and taught me about school, football, and just life in general. He is the reason why I continue to strive and prosper to take care of my responsibilities as a man. When he passed away, I became distant and not keeping up with my grades and such. It wasn't until IYT got in the way and pushed me to be my best self, even when I couldn't see it for myself. I owe a portion of my success to my mentors and this program for always having my back."

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