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"It is an honor to be a part of the Modesto community because I am just a small piece of this big puzzle. I grew up in a household with 11 people, all together we make up KFC secret herbs and spices. For the majority of my life, I went to a new school every two years. I come from a cloth that was sewed by different nationalities of the world. In my veins Japanese, Hawaiian, Panamanian, African American, French, and Native American blood flow. I have been a part of Improve Your Tomorrow (IYT) since my senior year of High School. I was blessed with the opportunity to come back and work at an organization that helped me get to where I am today. They helped me pay for my UC applications and now I am the first in my household to graduate from college. I want to help other young men understand that college truly is a gift, and there is no limit to who can and should receive it. I want to do for them what my mentors have done for me, that is to bring light to every room I walk in because you never know when someone is in a dark place."

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