Frequently asked questions

What is the IYT Mentor Fellowship and AmeriCorps?

Both IYT Mentor Fellowship and AmeriCorps are a part of the same national service organization (AmeriCorps) where individuals serve in community organizations on various issues: education, housing, technology, the health industry and others. Because College Possible receives federal AmeriCorps funding through a grant process to implement the program, the organization is considered an AmeriCorps program.

What is a living Allowence?

The AmeriCorps living allowance is the financial support provided to service members during their year of service. AmeriCorps provides about $10,800 for Mentors (part time). Lead Mentors receive a living allowance of $21,600.

What is the education award?

The education award is an end of service benefit for AmeriCorps members that can be used to repay student loans or on future educational expenses. It is valued at about $3,047.50 for Mentors and up to $10,000 for Lead Mentors. In addition, federal student loans may be deferred during the term of service; a 10.5-month (August 2020-June 2021) or 12-month (August 2020-August 2021) commitment is required (depending on position).

When do I receive the living allowence and education award?

The AmeriCorps living allowance is distributed every two weeks. The education award is given to the member after his or her term of service is completed.

Where will I be placed for service?

Mentors and Lead Mentors can serve at any of IYT's 19 service sites. To see a complete list of service sites reference the programs tab. The desginated service location will be based on candidates experience, preference, and position availability.

Am I able to have another (part time) job?

AmeriCorps and IYT Mentor Fellowship members are able to hold another job during their term of service. Outside commitments must not interfere with the obligations of term of service and are generally limited to part-time employment.