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Strategic Programming 

Bringing everyone to the table to close the college opportunity gap.


Through our growing multi-stakeholder network, we’re connecting the ambitions and intelligence inherent in all young men of color, to opportunities that improve everyone's future.

Project RISE

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Providing deep-rooted support to youth transitioning from incarceration.

Project RISE is a new trauma-informed program that is providing wrap-around social-emotional and educational support services to young men of color as they transition from incarceration to El Centro Jr./Sr. high school.

Research reveals a high prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) among incarcerated populations correlating to a high likelihood of arrests, felony charges, and incarceration. Project RISE addresses the significant factors that impact the futures of incarcerated youth such as ACEs and toxic stress. The program also serves as a bridge to IYT membership, giving participants access to the 12-years of programs, services, and support, helping them get to and through college.

Project RISE Services

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Social-Emotional Mentoring


Academic Support and

Supplemental Instruction


College Tours


Family Engagement

and Education


Student Development



Activities promoting nutrition, exercise, relationships, mental healthcare, mindfulness practices, and access to nature as mechanisms for regulating the stress response.

Have questions about this program? reach out to us via the contact form below! 

Liberty Dental Health Champions

of Tomorrow Scholarship


The IYT-LIBERTY Dental Scholarship Program seeks to increase the number of local African American young men entering careers in dentistry, by supporting a cohort of college freshmen in completing Dental Assisting or Dental Hygiene Certification Programs.

Project Rise

As a Black-led organization, we know the importance representation can have in enabling futures for youth of color, especially in fields linked to public health. That's why we partnered with Liberty Dental and Sacramento City College to create this trailblazing opportunity. 

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Why It Matters

Black people represent only 3.8% of the dentistry workforce, a figure that has remained largely stagnant for the last 15 years. This is initiative focuses on bridging the racial gap in the field of dentistry. Through this perennial and multi-stakeholder program, we’re hoping to raise awareness of this issue and pave the way for more young men of color to enter careers in the dental field.

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