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Serving young men of color at colleges and universities across the state.

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When you join IYT U, you become part of a thriving brotherhood of authentic, passionate, and resilient scholars of color. 

 IYT U Overview Video

Are you interested in learning more and/or joining to become a member of IYT U?

If so, fill out the interest form and an IYT U team member will follow up with you.

How It Works

 Participants can enter the program through two entry points, (1) at a

participating IYT high school or (2) at participating college or university.


The primary outcomes are to increase college retention rates, increase college graduation rates and better prepare students to enter the workforce.

IYT U Program Locations

While we currently have a physical presence at the following institutions, IYT U members can be enrolled and have services provided to them at any college or university.


What support services are IYT U
members provided with?

IYT U members are provided with the following wraparound support services throughout college.

Member Development

Academic Support

Career Development


Emergency Grants

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Emergency Grant.png

IYT U Alumni Video
Hear from our program alumni about how IYT has helped them get to and through college.

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