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Access resources and emergency grants (IYT CC & U Only) 

College Intake Survey

for IYT CC & U Members




Search IYT's jobs and scholarship opportunities board! 

A place for IYT Brothers to connect, access resources, and get support. 


View your weekly program schedule and get plugged into upcoming events

Check out the recap for our 7th
Annual Brotherhood Conference

Check out IYT's 10th Anniversary Reunion Visit with IYT Class I at Valley High School

Real Talk

A Monthly hybrid event bringing our brotherhood closer together. 

Interested in participating in Real Talk?

Here's your chance to submit a question for  all IYT community members to respond to! Submit a video with a brief introduction (name, school site, and question) and watch who will impart wisdom to your burning question!

Real Talk Video Workshop Nov22

Real Talk Video Workshop Nov22

Play Video

Real Talk is an hybrid event that takes place across all IYT campuses each month.

Via a Question Bridge* style video, IYT Brothers, Mentors, and others from our community, ask and respond to questions posed by Brothers. Real Talk questions touch on topics and themes that are relevant, engaging, and inspire diverse responses. After watching, Brothers engage in important dialog across campuses using interactive platforms that allow every participant a chance to contribute and gain insight and wisdom. 

Brotherhood Poll

See what IYT brothers from across the state are saying about this months Real Talk

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