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Our Why

Our mission is to provide our brothers with holistic mental health and wellness services through mentorship, nature retreats, community events, engaging monthly workshops and surface level counseling. Our wellness program incorporates intentional integration of healing-centered practices, content, intervention, and support services to foster the physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of young men of color.

Wellness Tip of the Month

"Critically examine false narratives associated with traditional definitions of masculinity for young men of color."

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An integrative wellness initiative to support highlighting the strengths, resilience, and healing nature of all Black and African-American people.


Brothers of Sankfoa was created through the Community Responsive Wellness Program grant awarded by the Sierra Health Foundation. This grant gives IYT the tremendous opportunity to exclusively focus on wellness and combating trauma with our young men in their communities in Sacramento County. The program will include seven high school sites in Sacramento County and address the mental and emotional wellness needs of our Black/African-American students and families in a proactive way. 


IYT members identifying as Black/African American. The program is called Brothers Of Sankoa. As the name implies, Sankofa means to reach back and reclaim that which is lost in order to move forward. My program will empower members through hands-on wellness workshops focused on resilience, financial well-being, cultural identity, as well as take members on two annual youth retreats with 50 fellow IYT brothers.

Food, Health, Immigration, and Career Resources

Please sign up if you would like to receive IYT's Partner Referral Services.  These services include resources for mental health, medical (Medi-Cal), housing, food (CalFresh), entitlement benefits, student financial aid, employment and career resources, financial literacy, and crisis and legal support services (including immigration assistance).  These resources are available to mentors and brothers who are in IYT. If you are interested, please sign up below. If you have any questions please email me at fvalverde@improveyourtomorrow.org 

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Wellness Workshops



Critically examine false narratives associated with traditional definitions of masculinity for young men of color.




Would you rather

take $1,000,000 in cash

now or take a penny 

and double that amount

every day for the next

30 days?




Roses in Concrete - Explore the impact of personal trauma by sharing stories in a safe and supported environment. Identifying strategies to overcome and grow from unresolved trauma.




Navigating Healthy Relationships - Explore and contract the qualities of healthy relationships that cause or create harm. While also practicing relationship skills, including healthy communication, body language, and effective listening.