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IYT Bay Area Partners with 49ers, Arik Armstead on Career Exposure Trip

This month, IYT members in the Bay Area had the incredible opportunity to not only visit the headquarters of Shoe Palace, one of the region's most beloved family-owned businesses but do so with Arik Armstead, defensive lineman for the 49ers. Led by his non-profit, the Armstead Academic Project, Arik and Shoe Palace Co-Owner, Joe Mersho gave our members a behind-the-scenes look at how the business operates and how they've worked to turn their passions into careers. Our members also got the chance to learn and talk with staff from the design, buying, and warehouse departments, and take part in small group career coaching sessions.

This initiative was part of the Stay Hungry Career Camp, spearheaded by the Armstead Academic Project, and highlights the significance of mentorship and real-world exposure for youth. We're honored to be the first non-profit to partner with Armstead on such a transformational project. For a deeper dive into this inspiring story, watch the full video above!


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