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IYT Graduate Spotlight: EdGerrin Marshall

Updated: Jun 25

IYT College Academy Graduate, EdGerrin Marshall
This fall, EdGerrin will be attending Sacramento State University.

Message from IYT Mentors:

"Ed is such a great student both inside and outside of the classroom. Throughout the school year, Ed has been on top of his school work and we have never had to worry about him academically. One thing that is admirable about Ed is how he rarely passes up opportunities that he knows can help him in the future. Whenever we have an event or an opportunity for him, he is always open to participate. Outside of the classroom, Ed shows initiative in being involved with extracurricular activities. Ed is a part of student leadership in which he has responsibilities when it comes to setting up school events. He also played football in the fall and played both track and volleyball in the spring. This goes to show how driven and determined Ed can be when he sets his mind to something."

What's next for EdGerrin?

"I'm going to college to gain more knowledge and pursue a career in counseling which I became inspired by after seeing the ways the counselors at my school help students. I wanted to go to Sacramento State so that I could be close to my family while still being able to do my own thing. IYT has greatly developed my desire to go to college, to develop my learning and social surroundings with all the great things that we do in the brotherhood. They have pushed me to work harder to accomplish my goal of getting into college by helping me academically with my classes. Every time I need them I know they will be there. I am very grateful for IYT and love the experience they gave me."


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