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IYT's Project Rise Brothers Team Up for Criminal Justice Reform

Updated: Mar 20

IYT's Project Rise Program is making strides in empowering young men of color who are transitioning from the juvenile justice system, aiming to slash recidivism rates while boosting high school and college success stories. The program's latest initiative is a testament to its commitment to nurturing leaders and informed advocates in the realm of criminal justice reform.

In a dynamic collaboration, Project Rise teamed up with the IYT's Brotherhood Action Committee (BAC), launching a five-week culturally responsive leadership training, designed to empower participants to be informed youth advocates, ready to make their mark in the criminal justice reform movement.

Deep Diving into Policy and Advocacy

At the heart of this partnership was an immersive exploration of the policy frameworks of key organizations like ACLU Cal Action, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, Equal Justice Initiative, and National Harm Reduction Council. The focus was on key issues like rights restoration, expungement access, fair treatment of the incarcerated, and providing compassionate care for those dealing with substance abuse. The training culminated in thought-provoking seminar discussions, where the brothers tackled questions on how to reshape the criminal justice system to mitigate mass incarceration and the importance of supporting advocacy groups pushing for policy change. Their thoughtful responses reflected a deep commitment to driving positive societal transformations.

Personal Growth and Community Impact

Jaylen, an IYT member and soon-to-be Sac State graduate, reflected on the transformative experience: "This experience has been enlightening. I've learned to file complaints against police, understand my rights, and how to be an effective young activist within the bounds of law." He noted the significant growth in understanding and empowerment among his peers, highlighting the program's impact on equipping them to educate others about their rights.

For Jaylen, the program was not just educational but also deeply personal, empowering him and his peers to stand up for themselves legally and potentially effect change in their communities.

A Newfound Confidence in Advocacy

The overwhelming sentiment among the participants was a newfound confidence in navigating the criminal justice system and advocating for its improvement. The successful collaboration between Project Rise and BAC has clearly fulfilled its mission, endowing these young men with essential knowledge and tools to be proactive advocates in their communities. This partnership marks a pivotal step in the journey towards a more just and equitable society, with the brothers of Project Rise at the forefront of this transformative movement.IYT's Project Rise Program aims to reduce recidivism and increase high school graduation and college attendance rates among young men of color who are transitioning out of the juvenile justice system.


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