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Transformative Civic Engagement Program Celebrates Emerging Community Leaders

Updated: Mar 20

In a poignant culmination, the Brotherhood Action Committee (BAC) orchestrated a closing ceremony to honor the accomplishments of over 65 brothers who successfully completed the last 2023 BAC session. This heartwarming event convened not only brothers but also their families, IYT staff, and collaborative partners, uniting to celebrate the completion of a transformative civic engagement program.

The BAC Closing Ceremony recognized 68 brothers spanning all regions served by IYT (Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Central Valley).

A highlight of the event was the presence of distinguished keynote speaker Mr. Khalil J. Ferguson, President of United Core Alliance and a student at McGeorge School of Law. Drawing from his rich background in policy and advocacy, Mr. Ferguson impassionedly encouraged BAC Brothers to embrace his footsteps and contribute to the pursuit of social justice. The ceremony also featured an eloquent address by BAC Brother Draymone Edwards, who shared insights garnered from his BAC experience. Edwards asserted, "I believe it is important for young men of color to be more involved in activism because instead of us being in the streets committing crimes, causing violence and going against each other, we need to be in the streets as one speaking up, having our voices heard, doing something wonderful and making a change for our future, to impact our lives and many other generations to come. I am going to carry out the principles of BAC in my everyday life by carrying myself as a strong, smart, young man of color, who is standing up with my brothers to make a change, for the brotherhood! And I encourage all of us brothers to do the same!"

Each brother who successfully completes the BAC program commits to an enduring pledge, designating themselves as BAC Alumni and vowing to actively volunteer at forthcoming advocacy events hosted by IYT. With a strengthened cohort of 68 accomplished brothers, the fight to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline gains further momentum, reflecting a collective commitment to a brighter future.

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